MTailor is launching new, physically accurate AR clothing renderings

Coming soon: an SDK for partners

AR visualization of garments on your custom body model

  • Accurate, commercially tested user body model for men and women
  • Physically accurate clothing rendering
  • Custom RealityKit viewer

The Only Commercially Tested Body and Clothes Measurement System

  • MTailor has been a DTC custom clothing business, where we have developed our scanning technology 100% in-house
  • 150,000 paying customers measured and detailed (custom clothing level) feedback collected
  • 6+ years of commercial, in-the-wild testing and iteration
  • A demonstration of the technology will launch inside the MTailor app in Q2 2022
  • SDK for partners coming soon

Easy and accurate measurement system

  • Mtailor technology scans users via LiDAR
  • Utilizes CoreML for real-time measurement processing on-device
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