Fit Remakes

Please follow the steps below:
  1. Try on the clothes to get a feel for the fit. If you are not sure, try washing the item to account for any shrinkage or change in feel.
  2. If your clothing does not fit right, take a few photos of yourself in your MTailor clothes from the front, side and back. Please see below for examples. It’s easiest if you get a friend to take your photo or you could use your phone’s camera timer on a nearby surface (e.g., your bathroom sink) to take the photos. Make sure you get photos of your whole body. If you are sending pictures of a tee or dress shirt, please make sure to wear it untucked.
  3. Email your photos to or in response to any of your order emails. Please include a brief description of the main fit issues (length, collar, waist, etc.) so that our fit experts may better assist you.