Our Technology + Your Phone = The Perfect Fit

Our groundbreaking technology will measure you directly from our app to guarantee that your clothes are made to your exact measurements. No measuring tape needed.

Does it really work?

20% More Accurate Than A Tailor

We brought in 4 professional tailors and 35 people, and we went head to head against them taking body measurements. We came out 20% better!

Our unique measurement app takes 16 measurements across your whole body to ensure that every piece of clothing is a perfect fit.

Capturing Your Measurements

Our app captures a brief video and turns that into a full set of custom measurements. We’ve created the technology that can take your dimensions with a simple 360 degree turn.

Record Your Video

Put your phone down, step back 6 feet and turn around once. It takes less than 15 seconds!

record video

Capture Your 3D Point Cloud

Our technology captures your 3D Point Cloud to accurately size your clothes.

3D Scan Finalized & Measurements Created

Our system then can calculate more than 16 measurements to ensure your clothes fit you perfectly.

3d scan video

What Measurements Does MTailor Use?

We take dozens of measurements to create your custom fit. You can see the diagrams below for a sampling of these dimensions.

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Two Ways To Customize Your Items

shop online

Shop Online

Pick your items, customize and checkout directly from our website, and then download our app to get measured.
Mtailor App

MTailor App

Our all in one experience. Get measured, customize your clothes and checkout all at the touch of your finger.

Accurate measurements for free

Download our free app and get measured to see your free measurement report. It’ll give you all your standard / off-the-rack sizes to shop from most retailers. We’ll also show you more detailed measurements you can bring to a tailor.

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What people are saying

Just got my jacket

I will start this out by saying I am a difficult fit. Large man broad shoulders so when i buy from the big and tall stores I am buying a bigger size then getting it tailored down but the quality is limited at my size. Then I heard about this company but was skeptical about the computer sizing. Well the first try was a little tight but the quality was first rate. Called and spoke with service (they were great), I retook pictures with the jacket on which reminded me of Chris Farley big guy in a small jacket skit. I got the new jacket today and it is perfect. 5 stars for fit, quality, and service. Worth the wait
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Excellent Experience!

As a first time MTailor shopper, I had my doubts regarding the accuracy of their algorithm; However, after receiving my first order ahead of schedule I was quite impressed with the fit and material. The process was seamless from start to finish.
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Skeptical but very satisfied!

I am like many others and was skeptical at first. I started by ordering one t-shirt. It was a perfect fit, and has led to multiple orders. This is an incredible resource for easy shopping. I even ordered a couple of shirts that I needed up not liking the design I chose. MTailor remade the shirts, no questions asked. I am completely happy with MTailor!
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Exceeding expectations

I had ordered a variety of styles of button down shirts, chinos, shorts and long and short sleeved shirts. I was curious as to how the fits would work, and everything was phenomenal. The quality of materials were outstanding and I will absolutely be returning as a customer. I had ordered the clothing in Mid-April hoping to have it for a wedding in the first week of May. There was a delay during the shipping process, however, customer service was quick to respond and the order did arrive on time.
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The last time I purchased jeans was 15 years ago. I still have one of those pairs, which I wear year round a couple times a week. [Yes, they look well worn but are decent enough.] I decided to give this MTailor a go. My initial measurement was pilot error. The back lighting was too much and I was too close to a table. The customer service contacted me within a day after I completed my order for 2 jeans to retake the measurement. MTailor promised me it would take about 3 weeks for me to receive my order. They sent after 2 weeks. [It sat at the local post office for 2 days because there weren't any sorters.] I tried the jeans on out of the package. A good fit. Impressive. But I always wash new clothing. So a cold wash and a drying in the drier: the jeans wear so perfect I forgot I had them on as I laid down for my regular afternoon nap. I will be ordering again. I don't buy a lot of clothes since I don’t like buying anything unless it will get some use but this app is so easy and the service along with the results so good this MTailor use could get addictive for those with an addictive personality and enjoy populating their wardrobe. At least they won't get frustrated and annoyed doing it. Well done MTailor.
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How your clothes are made

Step 1

Built from scratch with your unique measurements

We take your measurements and turn them into a bespoke pattern made just for you.
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Step 2

Painstakingly tailored for the perfect fit

Your clothes are made to order by hand , then our dedicated quality control team manually checks EVERY measurement.
Step 3

Shipped directly from our tailors to you!

Why custom clothes?

Fit Picture
Our clothes fit 20% better than a professional tailor.
Tick Video
Get measured right on your phone from home.
Custom shirts starting at $69.

What People Are Saying

“Best fit ever! It has been a struggle for 40 years to find pants that fit. This is more accurate than the custom sites I have measured myself for. I will order many more clothes from here in the future!”

-Seth T.