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Silver Filigree

A perennial favorite for all formal occasions, you can't go wrong with our standard black. 72% Polyester, 21% Rayon, 7% Spandex Super 100's
Unfortunately, this fabric is out of stock.
This product is out of stock, check out our available products.
Great with a tie or unbuttoned
Straight Point
Straight Point
Great with a tie or unbuttoned
Casual Button Down
Casual Button Down
Great with a tie or unbuttoned
Button Down
Great with a tie or unbuttoned
Great with a tie or unbuttoned
Great with a tie or unbuttoned

Why Choose Custom Clothes

Most retailers try to fit you into arbitrary sizes. MTailor uses your unique measurements to create perfectly fitting clothes.


Does it really work?

20% More Accurate Than A Tailor

We brought in 4 professional tailors and 35 people, and we went head to head against them taking body measurements. We came out 20% better!

Our unique measurement app takes 16 measurements across your whole body to ensure that every piece of clothing is a perfect fit.


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What People Are Saying

“Best fit ever! It has been a struggle for 40 years to find pants that fit. This is more accurate than the custom sites I have measured myself for. I will order many more clothes from here in the future!”
-Seth T.
“I'm a bigger guy and was super worried that a simple video that made me turn around in a circle couldn't possibly produce perfect fitting product like they say. But I literally got my suit today, tried it on during my lunch break. And for the first time ever I put on a suit and it felt like it was made for me. When I say every thing fit perfectly I mean it.”
- D. F.
“I tried it and eventually purchased a button down short-sleeve summer shirt. When it arrived, I was so impressed with the fit and the quality that I purchased 2 more.”
-Geoffrey D.
Received my first pair of jeans from MTailor today. The process of measuring and ordering was quick and easy. The jeans fit perfectly. No more going through the hassle of trying to find jeans in a store that fit.
-Sonny P.

90 Day Perfect Fit Guarantee

If you don't like your custom clothes for whatever reason, we've got you covered with free remakes & free returns.


How does this whole "custom" thing work?
You get measured with the camera on your phone in less than 15 seconds through our mobile app. After that, we custom design your unique clothing pattern and individually make your garment. We use over 16 unique measurements to create a perfect fit just for you. Then we ship your order directly to you, typically in under 2 weeks, one of the fastest deliveries in the custom business.
Do I have to purchase before getting measured?
Nope! You can download our app and get measured all for free. We encourage our users to try out the app and get a feel for the technology so they are confident in placing their first order.
Does the technology really work? How can I trust this company?
Before selling to a single customer, we compared our technology to a group of professional tailors. We measured a group of people with those tailors and found our technology to be 20% more accurate than the average tailor. In statistics terms, we found that MTailor's measurement for any given person was 20% closer to the average of all the tailors' measurements than any average individual tailor.

That, and more than 100,000 satisfied customers from over 50 countries, is why you can be confident that you'll receive a perfect fit from us!
What happens if my clothes don't fit?
In the rare cases where the fit is not right the first time, we have a comprehensive Remake policy. Just contact our team of friendly and knowledgeable fit experts and we will make adjustments and tailor you a new garment until everything is perfect. You can read all about it on our Free Remake page.